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1) Informative Programs
- World Wide News
Unfiltered/unbiased international news about current North Korean issues, South Korean issues and main international agendas.

2) Roads to changes
- Building Leadership in Future Democratic Society
The leadership course for future leaders in DPRK. The program focuses on how to build leadership in democratic government. For example, how to win leadership in democratic nation, lessons from the historic figures, analysis on current international leaders etc.

3) North Korean Current Issues
Analysis on North Korean government. Providing different points of views on their current government system. Improving the objective thinking capability for North Koreans so that they can understand their own government in more objective view.

4) Taedong River’s Morning - Current Issues Talk Show
One of the most informative programs of NKRR. Professionals from variety of fields discuss about North Korea’s political system, economy, society and cultures. The main focus of this program is to find out the better blueprint for the future of North Korea.

5) Reforming Daily Life in North
Discussing real life matters in North and drawing positive blueprint for North’s reformation. Also provides methodology on how to reform North and where to seek for wisdom.

6) Old Socialist States’ Reformation History
Introducing social reformation cases of Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, Singapore. Analyzing possible ways on how to reform North Korea from Socialist state to free-democratic country.

7) German Unification
By studying through Germany’s unification, we can learn their policy, experience, lessons and new point of views on Korean unification. The goal of this program is to make sure the North Korean listeners believe in the possibility of peaceful unification between South and North.