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Who We Are?
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NKRR’s audiences are mainly composed of the future leaders of DPRK. The majority of the target audiences are DPRK’s military officers, military leaders, intellectuals, university students and youths. NKRR’s intention is to educate these future leaders with outside knowledge, so that they can lead the internal reform of North Korea with their own hands.

History of NKRR
Year, Birth
2006. April - Preparation for opening the NKRR
2007. December - First launch of shortwave radio signal to North (30 minutes per day)
2008. October - Broadcasting time extended to 1 hour per day
2011. July - Broadcasting time extended to 2 hours per day
2013. May - Broadcasting time extended to 4 hours per day
2014. April
- Broadcasting time changed to 1 hour per day
- Changed the name of organization to NKDI (North Korea Development Institute)