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One of the only divided nations in the world, DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) represents itself as the socialist state. But the country is nothing more than the kingdom ruled by the cruel dictatorship of Kim’s family. The human rights abuse is beyond anyone’s imagination; in DPRK you have absolutely no access to internet, foreign radio signals, foreign TV, foreign books, foreign movies or even soap opera from the overseas.

There are more than hundreds of thousands of political prisoners imprisoned in North Korean gulags, and even the lightest crime is punishable by public execution.

Despite the threat of their life, many North Koreans are listening to foreign media signals to seek for freedom, hope and positive changes in their life. It is known fact that more than 1.8 million people are ‘illegally’ listening to the foreign media every day. That means that about 7-8% of DPRK’s population is listening to foreign media on regular bases.

NKRR (North Korea Reform Radio) is at the vanguard of freeing North Korean population. We provide hope, knowledge, wisdom and courage for North Korean population. With our information, North Korean population will be a step close in achieving their own democratic country under the flag of political freedom and market economy.

NKRR’s main focus is to bring new ideas and positive changes in North by opening the eyes and ears of North’s elite populations. Our main audience targets are North Korean military officers, intellectuals, university students and youth. Changing the future leaders of North will inevitably lead the mass population to follow the stream of positive changes that will turn North Korea in to free-democratic nation.

NKRR brings the bright future for the citizens of North.
NKRR brings positive development in North.
NKRR is at the vanguard of educating those who can make changes in North.
Your support today will make the difference for many North Koreans who are seeking for the freedom of North.

Thank you.

North Korea Reform Radio’s representative
Mr. Kim, Seung Chul