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Good morning sir/madam!

This is Mr. Kim Seung Chul from North Korea Reform Radio.

Since December 2007, our NKRR has been broadcasting the radio signals to North Korea. Our main audiences are North Korea’s future leaders such as military leaders, officers, intellectuals, university students and youths. NKRR provides brighter future, hope, wisdom, courage and methodology on how to change North from inside.

NKRR is sending the signals to North Korea from the 3rd power country. Our broadcasting starts from 2300 and ends at 0030 everyday.

In order to meet the listeners’ changing demand, NKRR has reformed itself as the 북한발전연구원 in year 2014. Our effort to communicate with our listeners will never stop.

Your support from overseas will work as the eyes and ears of North Korean Leaders who soon will lead the reformation from the inside. Please support us and become the part of the Korean unification process.

Thank you.

Periodical Sponsorship
If you are interested in sponsoring us periodically, please contact us via email.
We will answer any questions you might have.
Email : nkreform@naver.com

One Time Sponsorship
Kookmin Bank Account: 347837-04-005649
Account Holder: North Korea Development Institute

You are now the sponsor of NKRR, the Ambassador to Freedom